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About Grant

An accomplished growth-minded director and strategist, Grant has proven expertise and leadership capabilities in eCommerce, Direct-to-Consumer, Lead Generation, and SaaS within industries across Fortune 500, PE-backed, and VC funded organizations. With a focus on top-line growth through digital experience optimization, omnichannel marketing, and personalization, Grant helps companies build internal growth engines that align marketing, sales, product, and technology teams to achieve growth targets.

Grant is a strategically focused, results-oriented, data-driven decision-maker, and team leader with 10 years of experience in conversion rate optimization, web strategy, growth marketing, content strategy, demand generation, and personalization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Senior-Level Strategy and Product Management
  • A/B Testing and Experimentation Program Management
  • E-Commerce Conversion Optimization
  • Lead Generation Conversion Optimization
  • User Experience Strategy & Research
  • Digital Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Team Leadership and Coaching
  • Organizational Leadership

Certification earned:

  • ABM Certified
  • Tealium Certified
  • Optimizely Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified

He has a strong work ethic and competitive drive that continues to fuel him both professionally and personally.

When not digging into the data or conducting quantitative and qualitative user analysis, Grant enjoys spending time with his wife and three little girls, staying fit, playing basketball, and participating in community events.

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