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10 Tweets Not To Be Missed from Day Two of MozCon 2013

In case you missed the must-read tweets from day one make sure to check it out because their is a lot to be learned from the amazing speakers at MozCon.

Below is a list of ten tweets from day two of MozCon that can provide small business owners and marketers alike with insights into how they can improve their businesses. Take a few minute to review these tweets and tips. You should be able to walk away from this post with a few key insights that can be applied to your business right away. Thanks!


Tip for SBO’s: Don’t create video content just because everyone is saying you need to be. It’s important to start with a quality idea and then determine the type of media that best helps you accomplish your goals.


Tip for SBO’s: If you are not focusing on your customers and their needs then you will never create a meaningful relationship with them.


Tip for SBO’s: Great content is everywhere. Don’t pretend your business is the only one creating it. Social communities are built around ideas, interests and common goals. Think about how your brand can best support, interact with and promote that community.


Tip for SBO’s: Don’t get caught up in having a huge website with every single piece of content imaginable. Determine which messages work best and focus on making them better.


Tip for SBO’s: Don’t over complicate things. Just remember K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple & Strong.


Tip for SBO’s: If you do not start with #1 first you will never be able to do #2 or #3 effectively. While researching your target marketing and building personas may not seem as fun as it once was, it has always been and will continue to be a critical step.


Tip for SBO’s: Being able to determine actionable insights from you analytics is key. Don’t just look at results, consider opportunities as well.


Tip for SBO’s: Building more personal connections with your fans/customers is a big step in helping them become brand loyalists.


Tip for SBO’s: Being honest, authentic and transparent is the easiest way to let customers connect with you on a deeper and much more meaningful level.


Tip for SBO’s: Write your web content as if you are writing it for one person. Focus on being personal, humanistic and real.

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