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10 Must-Read Tweets from Day One of MozCon 2013

This week I am blessed with the opportunity to attend MozCon – the mecca of inbound marketing conferences – hosted in Seattle, Washington. If you were not able to make it or couldn’t keep up with all of the tweets by following the #mozcon hashtag, don’t worry I’m here to help out.

Below are my top ten tweets from day one (Monday) for MozCon 2013. Feel free to take five minutes to review these insight rich tweets along with my own added tips for small business owners (SBO’s) to give you a bit more context. Thanks!


Tip for SBO’s: No longer can you spend all of your time and money on just one activity. You need to become a more complete marketer so that your business can take advantage of all of the different opportunities to grow and improve.


Tip for SBO’s: Winning on the web isn’t a short journey. Create a structure system that will help ensure your commitment to finding success.


Tip for SBO’s: Understanding who your audience is critical. Start thinking like your target market; ask yourself what would you want and where would you want it to be if you were a customer.


Tip for SBO’s: It doesn’t matter what you are doing on the web. Without doing the necessary research first you may just find yourself spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Don’t let that happen.


Tip for SBO’s: Focus on quality content first and the social community will follow.


Tip for SBO’s: Local searches on mobile devices are growing; move quickly, you still have time to catch up.


Tip for SBO’s: Start creating visual content for your audience. Start with simple and straightforward imagery to see what works best for your brand.


Tip for SBO’s: Testing ideas quickly allows you to see wins or fails faster. This is the great way to test all of your ideas to see what works.


Tip for SBO’s: Don’t wait for your competitors innovate, be a leader and shake things up a bit in order to help your business find which new technologies/opportunities you can use to your advantage.


Tip for SBO’s: It’s easier to create brand advocates when you first have an open, honest and trust filled relationship with your customers.


Thanks for reading, please watch for my top tweets from day two of MozCon 2013 to come out tomorrow.

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